Underground Distribution Design

Engineering, Planning, and Consulting Services for Underground Distribution

Electric Power Utilities continue to invest in their distribution electrical facilities to support reliability initiatives and modernization.  Distribution Systems have grown in complexity due to the introduction of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and system wide load growth within an aging infrastructure.

ControlPoint Technologies’ team of Distribution Engineers includes Principal Engineers, Designers, and Consultants to provide the technical leadership for utility underground distribution projects.   Our process begins with project kickoff to confirm the project plan with utility stakeholders.  The ControlPoint Technologies engineering team will perform Field Survey of existing facilities, provide GIS design, develop plans and profiles to support civil engineering, provide manhole survey inspection sheets, facilitate easements and permits where required, perform a constructability review with utility operations, and deliver the project design into the utility work order management system.

Many electric utilities have partnered with ControlPoint as a Consulting Engineer to improve reliability for their distribution systems.  ControlPoint works closely with Distribution Engineers, System Planning Engineers, Protection Engineers, Field Supervisors and Construction teams to outline criteria for design improvements within utility standards.

Services include:

  • Reliability Programs

  • Underground Municipal Design

  • Underground Residential Developments

  • Underground Commercial Distribution

  • Switch Removal Replacement Programs

  • Substation Feeder Getaways

  • Circuit Maps & As-Builts

Underground Distribution Improvements

ControlPoint Technologies provides engineering, design and project management services the removal of over 150 Oil Fused Cutouts (OFC) in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Replacing the OFC’s with pad mounted and/or submersible switches (ranging from 2-4 sources, 2-4 fused positions) will increase worker safety and circuit reliability while reducing outage time.

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