Transmission System Protection

ControlPoint Technologies is currently supporting Electric Power Utilities in the Northeast where the Transmission System is continually upgraded to improve reliability.

Programs are underway to replace obsolete relays where spare parts are difficult to obtain.  Relay packages responsible for circuit breaker operation, line communications, and transformers are moving to the latest technology of microprocessor devices and communications.   The upgrade of these devices improves reliability by clearing and isolating fault conditions.

A typical project will begin with a comprehensive Field Assessment of existing conditions and as-built status of Substation drawings and schematics.   A detailed scope of the project is provided to the utility to be sure all deliverables are clearly outlined and to clarify any unknowns for the project. 

ControlPoint proposals include:  project background and justification, detailed scope, specific deliverables, standards to be utilized, required meetings, project staffing requirements, project schedule, and project budget.

Deliverables include:  one line diagrams, three line diagrams, control schematics, protection and control panel layouts, physical drawings, bill of materials, cable/conduit schedules, SCADA requirements, and interconnection diagrams.

Each package will be issued for review and approval as agreed upon in the initial project meetings.   Following each review period, the drawings will be revised until reaching the final package to be Issued For Construction.

ControlPoint Lead Engineers are Licensed Professional Engineers in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont.