Substation Engineering

Engineering, Planning, and Consulting Services
for Substation Projects

Electric Power Utilities continue to invest in their electrical substation facilities to support reliability initiatives and modernization.  Substation Engineering supports the introduction of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and system wide load growth within an aging infrastructure.

ControlPoint Technologies’ team of Substation Engineers includes Principal Engineers, Designers, and Consultants to provide the engineering needed to support substation upgrade and expansion projects.   Following our initial field visit, our team will review the existing drawings and documentation to develop the design packages necessary for construction.   The Issued for Construction (IFC) Package will include the Site Plan, Substation General Arrangement Drawings, Grounding and Fence Detail Drawings, Enclosures, Station Service Drawings, Equipment Drawings, Structural Drawings, One Line, Three Line, and Control Schematics, Wiring Drawings, Cable and Conduit Schedules, Communications Network Drawings and Material Lists.

Large Substation Projects will be supported by our Senior Project Managers to facilitate project schedules, drawing transmittals, review cycles, and progress reporting to all utility stakeholders.   Project Managers work closely with our Technical Lead Engineers to develop a detailed project plan that will support project budget, schedule, safety, and quality requirements.

Services include:

  • Breaker Replacements

  • Transformer Replacements

  • Relay Replacements

  • Substation Expansion

  • SCADA Systems

  • Ground Grid Design

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Detailed Design

Transmission System Protection

ControlPoint Technologies is currently supporting Electric Power Utilities in the Northeast where the Transmission System is continually upgraded to improve reliability.

Programs are underway to replace obsolete relays where spare parts are difficult to obtain.  Relay packages responsible for circuit breaker operation, line communications, and transformers are moving to the latest technology of microprocessor devices and communications.

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