Renewable Energy Studies

Engineering, Planning, and Consulting Services
for Solar, Wind, Battery, and Hydro Interconnection.

The rapid growth of the Renewable Energy Industry across North America has created a demand for industry standards and expertise for utility interconnection.

ControlPoint Technologies has partnered with Electric Power Utilities to co-develop the criteria, standards, and analysis requirements for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection.  ControlPoint Engineers work closely with System Planning Engineers, Protection Engineers, Design Engineers, and Customer Sales Teams to develop quality, operational solutions.

System Impact Studies will include Power Flow Analysis of voltage drop, regulation, thermal issues, flicker conditions, regulator and capacitor settings.   Update to the feeder impedance model, protection coordination design, system transient examination, ground fault protection, and relay settings will be provided within the Protection Analysis portion of the study.

Interconnections range from 10 kW to 30 MW systems.   In areas where there is high concentration of small photovoltaic (PV) sites proposed, our engineering team will perform a Group Impact Study that provides a comprehensive review of the project applications, timelines, feasibility, and costs.   Group Impact Studies can be followed with a Detailed Engineering Study to determine constructability and sequence of construction.

Services include:

  • Standard Criteria Review

  • System Modeling

  • Power Flow Study

  • Protection Analysis

  • Risk of Islanding Screening

  • Grounding Analysis

  • Conceptual Design & Estimates

  • Utility Analytical & Customer Ready Report

Distribution Line Interconnection

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) installations are on the rise throughout the Northeast.  Since 2010, ControlPoint has supported utilities at the Planning stage of these installations by providing system impact studies. 

The studies performed include:  Load Flow Analysis, Protection and Coordination Review, Thermal Analysis, Flicker Analysis, and Project Estimates.

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Distributed Energy Resource Planning

In recent years State Regulators have amended Net Metering Rules making it much more desirable for developers to install Distributed Energy Resources (DER) onto electrical power distribution systems. These drastic changes have contributed to a large amount of DER installations, such as Photovoltaic (PV), Battery Storage, and Wind Turbines, onto local distribution systems.

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