Protection Engineering

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Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Grid Modernization continues to drive technological changes to the Electric Power System.  Changes and upgrades to Electric System Protection is required to maintain compliance, reliability, and safety.

ControlPoint Technologies Protection Engineering services to support deployment of new Protection Technology and upgrade projects.   Our team will review the existing settings, drawings and documentation to develop the design brief packages necessary for project implementation.   ControlPoint Engineers will implement protection schemes within utility standards ensuring compliance and quality of operation to reduce customer outages.

Protection Engineering projects may include Fault Studies, Coordination Review, Logic Schemes, and SCADA Communications.

Services include:

  • Primary and Backup System Protection

  • Transformer and Feeder Protection

  • Relay Settings

  • Relay Design Briefs

  • Renewable Energy Protection Design

  • Differential Protection

  • Overcurrent Protection

  • Breaker Control & Switchgear

  • Short Circuit Studies

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