Power Systems Studies

Engineering, Planning, and Consulting Services for Power Systems

Electric Power Utility systems require studies to ensure safety and compliance.   The addition of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to the utility system demands more frequent analysis, mitigation planning, and solution development.   Studies are performed to increase reliability and reduce outages while maintaining suitable operating conditions.

ControlPoint Technologies’ team of Distribution System Planners includes Principal Engineers and Consultants to provide the analysis needed to support utility power system studies.  System modeling provides utilities with base case analysis and future planning tools to improve power delivery to their customers.  Our engineers will review each case under normal and abnormal conditions to provide valuable insight to the utility operation.

Study deliverables will include analytical results, compliance verification, and mitigation options.  We will work directly with your Planning, Operations, and Engineering personnel to review results and develop final study reports.

Services include:

  • DER Impact

  • Short Circuit Analysis

  • Thermal / Voltage Analysis

  • Grounding Studies

  • Protection Review & Coordination

  • Transient Analysis

  • Power Quality

  • Load Flow

  • Arc Flash Analysis

  • Volt-Var Network Optimization

Distributed Energy Resource Planning

In recent years State Regulators have amended Net Metering Rules making it much more desirable for developers to install Distributed Energy Resources (DER) onto electrical power distribution systems. These drastic changes have contributed to a large amount of DER installations, such as Photovoltaic (PV), Battery Storage, and Wind Turbines, onto local distribution systems.

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