Owner’s Engineer

Consulting Engineering Services as an independent advocate for the electric utility

Electric Power Utilities and Generators often reach out for supplemental support for their key projects and programs.  ControlPoint Technologies offers Owner’s Engineering services for cases where an independent review and project support is needed.

ControlPoint’s staff of experienced professional engineers can provide Owner’s Engineering support at various phases of a project.   At initial conception and planning stage, ControlPoint engineers will work with the utility to review the area’s history, determine a project’s feasibility, develop the scope of work, review safety requirements and compliance, review outside dependencies, and provide technical bid evaluations.   During the execution phase of a project, ControlPoint engineers will perform technical review, verification of bill of materials, offer technical solutions on behalf of the utility, coordinate with utility project management, and identify changes in scope.

Electric utilities have partnered with ControlPoint’s as an Owner’s Engineer to support Substation Projects, Protection & Controls Upgrades, Distribution Line Upgrade Projects, and Generator Interconnection Projects.

Services include:

  • Feasibility Study

  • Scope Development

  • Technical Review

  • Supplier Management

  • Bid Specification

  • Bid Evaluation

  • Plans & Specifications

  • Procurement Support

  • Solution Consulting

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