Field Survey and Inspection

Field Engineering for Electric Utility Facilities

Electric Power Utilities and Facilities continue to invest in their distribution electrical infrastructure to support reliability initiatives and expansions.  System load growth combined with an aging infrastructure creates a need for record validation and confirmation to support future design needs and asset management.

ControlPoint Technologies’ team of Field Survey Engineers provide the technical leadership for field survey and inspection programs.   Our team will document current field conditions for pole structures, manholes, vaults, and ducts to assess condition, identify immediate risks, and verify utility records.

Electric utilities have partnered with ControlPoint’s Field Engineering team to perform GIS design and asset verification.  ControlPoint works closely with utilities to locate areas in the system that are not up to current utility standards and may need upgrade.

Facilities and universities have partnered with ControlPoint’s Field Engineering team to perform circuit map as-builts and asset verification.   The information cataloged and presented will support facility and university growth and expansion.

Services include:

  • GIS Mapping

  • Pole Survey & Inspection

  • Underground Facility Survey

  • Condition Assessment

  • Asset Inventory

  • Pole Loading Analysis

  • Permitting & Easements

  • Right of Way Improvements

  • Overloaded Transformer Programs

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