Facility Electrical Planning

Facility Electrical Asset Planning, Design, and Consulting Services.

Facilities and Universities continue to invest in their electrical facilities to support reliability initiatives and increasing capacity needs.  Site facility and campus Renewable Energy projects have contributed to the complexity of facility power and energy delivery.

ControlPoint Technologies’ team of Electrical System Planners and Electrical Distribution Designers support these facilities to identify plans and achieve long term goals.   Our team can work with you in the beginning of the strategic planning phase to determine age of infrastructure, ability for underground distribution system to support upgrades and expansions.  From the initial planning phase, ControlPoint Engineers can develop conceptual engineering plans and options for future investments.

Identified design projects and electrical system analysis can take place on a project by project basis or under an Engineering Services Agreement (ESA).   Our Engineering Service Agreements are specific to your facility needs with an identified budget and services to be performed on an annual basis.  Under an ESA, Facility Management is in control of the deployment and usage of the identified budget under a Time & Expense agreement.   Annual inspections can be built into the contract for periodic upkeep of the existing facility documentation and plans.

Services include:

  • Asset Risk Assessment

  • Load Growth Studies

  • Power System Studies

  • Underground Reliability Analysis

  • Grounding System Analysis

  • Substation, Power Plants, and
    Renewable Energy Integration

  • Distribution Feeder Mapping

  • Electrical Infrastructure Survey and Inspection

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