Conceptual Engineering

Preliminary Engineering, Planning, and Consulting Services
for Electric Utilities

Electric Power Utilities continue to invest in their distribution electrical facilities to support reliability initiatives and modernization.  System Planning has grown in complexity due to the introduction of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and system wide load growth within an aging infrastructure. 

As each project is identified from System Planning departments, they will often move the Conceptual Engineering stage where the scope of the project is further defined to include discipline specific Scope of Work and may also be used for project funding.

ControlPoint Technologies’ team includes Principal Engineers and Consultants to provide the analysis needed to review Planning objectives and develop Conceptual Engineering Reports (CERs).   We will review the existing Area Electric Power System (EPS) and planning documents to provide a comprehensive CER document. 

Services include:

  • Scope of Work Development

  • Assumptions and Exceptions

  • Site Work Requirements

  • Safety Assessment

  • Project Dependencies

  • Permitting / Easement Requirements

  • Project Estimates

  • Milestone Schedule

  • One Line Diagrams

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