Case Studies

Electric Reliability Planning

Municipal and Rural Electric Utilities face new challenges on their systems that may impact reliability. The introduction of these complexities may include: Load Growth, Housing and Commercial development, Interconnection of renewable energy sources, Residential Solar, Aging infrastructure, Electric Vehicle charging stations, and Microgrids.

A system assessment and long term plan provides the details needed for utility stakeholders to plan improvements as their systems grow more complex.

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Transmission System Protection

ControlPoint Technologies is currently supporting Electric Power Utilities in the Northeast where the Transmission System is continually upgraded to improve reliability.

Programs are underway to replace obsolete relays where spare parts are difficult to obtain.  Relay packages responsible for circuit breaker operation, line communications, and transformers are moving to the latest technology of microprocessor devices and communications.

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Distribution Line Interconnection

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) installations are on the rise throughout the Northeast.  Since 2010, ControlPoint has supported utilities at the Planning stage of these installations by providing system impact studies. 

The studies performed include:  Load Flow Analysis, Protection and Coordination Review, Thermal Analysis, Flicker Analysis, and Project Estimates.

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Underground Distribution Improvements

ControlPoint Technologies provides engineering, design and project management services the removal of over 150 Oil Fused Cutouts (OFC) in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Replacing the OFC’s with pad mounted and/or submersible switches (ranging from 2-4 sources, 2-4 fused positions) will increase worker safety and circuit reliability while reducing outage time.

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Distributed Energy Resource Planning

In recent years State Regulators have amended Net Metering Rules making it much more desirable for developers to install Distributed Energy Resources (DER) onto electrical power distribution systems. These drastic changes have contributed to a large amount of DER installations, such as Photovoltaic (PV), Battery Storage, and Wind Turbines, onto local distribution systems.

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