Our Company

ControlPoint Technologies is focused on Energy Delivery Projects, Infrastructure Improvements, and Renewable Energy Interconnection for Investor Owned Electric Utilities, Public Power Utilities, Electric Cooperatives, and Facilities & Universities.  Our staff consists of experienced engineers providing solutions that meet reliability, safety, quality, and environmental requirements.  

Our Services

ControlPoint Technologies provides clients with technical engineering expertise, quality solutions, and is considered a valued consultant.  Our services can be used to leverage greater project results by supplementing a client’s internal resources.  We work with our clients to understand their needs and identify the goals and requirements for each project, communicating with all client stakeholders.  We dedicate leadership staff to each project to ensure valued results are achieved by directly supporting a client’s teams, systems, operations, and objectives.

Our Team

The most valuable assets we have are the knowledge-based skills and experiences of our employees.  Every project is staffed and managed by a team of highly qualified professionals who have direct customer experience. This experience gives ControlPoint a unique insight into the culture of our clients and enables us to effectively coordinate and communicate with the client throughout each project.  We believe this team-based work environment translates to higher quality deliverables to our customers. 

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